Types Of Commercial Bank

Commercial banks are the most important components of the whole banking system. A commercial bank is a profit-based financial institution that grants loans, accepts deposits, and offers other financial services, such as overdraft facilities and electronic transfer of funds.

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Various Types of Banks and Their Functions – Banking Study Material & Notes. Broadly, banks are classified either into commercial banks or as central bank. they are also classified as Scheduled and Non-scheduled Banks. Scheduled banks have been included in the second schedule of the Reserve Bank, and fulfils the following three criteria:

Some of the loans offered by a commercial bank include motor vehicle loans, mortgages, business loans, and personal loans. Functions of Commercial Banks: The basic role of a commercial bank is to provide financial services to the general public, businesses, and companies.

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Different types of bank accounts serve different needs. Depending on your goals, it’s wise to put money into the best account and use the right tools for spending and saving. Doing so allows you to maximize the return from your bank, minimize fees, and manage your money conveniently.

Commercial loans. may be obtained from either a bank or a private lender. Somerville Bank offers commercial loans to business owners that require money to supply their working capital, pay for the operation of their business, and/or cover other types of expenses associated with their business. There are many types of commercial loans.

Consumers bank is a new addition to the existing type of banks. Such banks are usually found only in advanced countries like U.S.A. and Germany. The main objective of this bank is to give loans to consumers for purchase of the durables like Motor car, television set, washing machine, furniture, etc.

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