Commercial Land Contract

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Seller will sell to Purchaser and Purchaser will purchase from Seller, as provided in this Contract. (a) the parcel of land ("Land") that is described in Schedule A,

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Importance of land contract form. Land contract forms are extremely important. As one is dealing in real estate, experts recommend that all the proper kind of paperwork is included at all the stages of the transaction. And if it is a contracted real estate deal, it makes complete sense that Land Contract Form be used for the same.

What some may not have made clear in declaring land contracts DOA after Dodd- Frank was that in the commercial real estate context most.

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Land contract agreements are definitive types of real estate contract documents that details the sale between the seller and the buyer for a piece of land or property that is normally paid in installment. Under this agreement, the seller retains ownership of the piece of real estate until the buyer can make full payment of the property.

Chapter 5313: land installment contracts. 5313.01 land installment contract definitions. As used in Chapter 5313. of the Revised Code: (A) "Land installment contract" means an executory agreement which by its terms is not required to be fully performed by one or more of the parties to the agreement within one year of the date of the agreement and under which the vendor agrees to convey title.

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